Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wednesday, May 22

Happy National Vanilla Pudding Day!

Today is a particularly interesting day. It's one of the days that I actually have off, which means that I get to catch up on all the stuff I've been neglecting. Mainly writing and reading. Sadly, books can't write themselves. Or read themselves. And my book is due back at the library this week. I really don't like renewing the books, but I might have no choice on this one.

In addition, I've also got stuck on this never-ending Harry Potter marathon. I'm trying to finish this chapter and watch it at the same time. It's so difficult to pay attention to both at the same time. And the movies are winning out.

My reading/reviewing has been at a standstill for a while and I hope that in the next few days it'll pick up quickly. A new video review should be up sometime between Friday afternoon and Sunday and the written one should be done before then.

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