Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday, May 17

It's been a week since I've written anything and I'm sorry! I made a video response, but I wasn't able to attach it for some reason and I've had to wait until I had enough free time to get through a whole post in one go.

Valerie, my FoodFoolery friend, and I have finished our discussions and she's moving in at the end of the month. Incidentally, we had been planning a yard sale for that weekend and we have to kind of mush everything together and try to get it all done that Friday. It'll make our video making schedule much easier. Plus, we don't have to drive across town to hang out.

I finally received Blue Bloods and The Book of Disquiet from the library today. When I went to remark my place in the books, I found the notes I'd been missing from The Book of Disquiet!! The first time I borrowed the book about year ago, I accidentally left my notes on a notecard at the back of the book. No one took them out and now I finally have the things I'd forgotten! Apparently, the last times I'd ordered the book, I'd gotten the other copy the library had, but the notes were there all along! (also, there's a book sale down at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds the last weekend of the month, which sucks 'cause that's the weekend for our yard sale and I can only spare an hour or two in the morning of that Friday, which may not be enough time)

Because I've got all three books to read at the same time, I'm reverting back to the style of reading I employed when I was trying to read The Cloud Atlas, The Book of Disquiet, and some other book I can't remember right now. So an hour of reading turns into about 20 minutes of reading for all three books. I hope it won't take very long if I'm reading an hour a day.

For the yard sale, I sacrificed 55 books today. Most of them were non-fiction books that I wasn't really interested in or that I had multiples of, but I was still sad to see them go. Hopefully, it means more money for the stuff that's really important like extra cash for my family reunion.

I have to get back to reading, but there's a new book haul coming out tomorrow!

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