Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday, May 10

The last few days have been crazy, but wonderful. My superhero best friend went into labor with my beautiful godson on Wednesday and then I got food poisoning on Thursday.

Wednesday, in the middle of me winning Monopoly on Game Night, I got the call I've been waiting for for weeks. Kevin and I drove down to the hospital, but I had to leave around 2 in the morning to go home to sleep. At 7:14 May 8, Odin Vincent was born happy and healthy. After I woke up, I reheated some ribs for a quick breakfast and within half an hour, I was throwing up. I felt sick all day, but surprisingly, after a big bowl of late night ice cream, I felt much better. I visited Sonia and Odin in the hospital yesterday and they're both doing great. I can't wait until he's old enough to read with.

Speaking of reading, I'm almost done with Evermore and I'm about to start on Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen. The video for A Soul to Take is still on my list. I promise I'll get to it soon and post the video for Evermore soon, too. FoodFoolery is kind of on a standstill right now. We're having some scheduling issues and we're pretty far behind.

And now my cat's throwing up a hairball on my newly washed clothes. Time to get back to cleaning.

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