Saturday, November 2, 2013

Friday/Saturday, November 1 & 2

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloweens. We just finished up an awesome, if somewhat uneventful party of four.

I edited and uploaded my videos for Hair Raising and The Great Little Madison, which makes two videos in three days. Not something I'll ever have to do again hopefully. The links are down below. But now I only have to finish the written reviews of those books and I'm done with them. To be honest, I'm toying with the idea of not doing the written reviews until after New Years. It can be very time consuming and I'm trying desperately hard to finish reading fifty books before December 31st. On top of this, I have school work and class four days a week, plus another day every month for labs outside of class.

The dishwasher that was supposed to be installed on Wednesday arrived damaged and the man wasn't enterely comfortable saying it would work properly. It was very hard trying to prepare for Halloween without a dishwasher. We had to clean everything by hand. I did dishes three separate times today before the party even started. So we have to wait another couple of weeks to get that installed, too. Plus, we're still waiting on our trash compactor. Hopefully the second one doesn't have any problems and we can instal it and get it working ASAP.

I have yet to crack open Zenn Scarlet, but I'm hoping I can have it read by the 8th. I'm not sure how much longer Steve Jobs will take, but I'm hoping not long after that. If I can get through at least one or two books a week, when the holidays come and I have nothing to do but sit at home and read and watch Charlie Brown everything, I'm hoping I can get through enough to pull out that total of fifty by the end of the year. Maybe I should just start reading children's books or books I can read in less than half an hour...

Please keep track of me on goodreads and my videos. Now my cat is whining for attention and she won't let me be until she crawls her way under the sheets and falls asleep with me.

The Great Little Madison Book Review:

Hair Raising Book Review:

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